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Author, journalist, producer, teacher

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A Host, author and journalist

Journalist with the Association of Independent Journalists of Quebec, columnist in the newspaper Le Courrier de Sainte-Thérèse (2010-2011), columnist in the magazine Vivre, magazine distributed in Quebec and Europe (2012-2015).


Author of 12 books:


  • Dire (Say)

  • Porteuses d'humanité (Carriers of humanity)

  • Poésie d'une affranchie (Poetry of a freedwoman)

  • Constellation de synchronicitiés

  • J'aime mon Yoni

  • Ose méditer pour 30 jours d'affilée!

  • Diffuser l'amour

  • Ritualise ta vie


English Books:


  • Constellation of Synchronicities

  • I love my Yoni

  • Omnificent Meditation Live it up in 30 days !

  • Streaming Love


A Producer

I am a member of Women in Film, Television and New Media since 2009.

I have organized hundred of events and gatherings ranging from 100 to 1500 people between 2001 and 2019.

I have produced and hosted a television program, which allowed women to come together to help each other realizing life projects or dreams. Les Dires de Geneviève Young was broadcasted across Quebec  from 2009 to 2011. 


In 2012, I created a Web - TV series “The present of the past”. ( "Le présent du passé").  


In 2016, I produced and hosted a Talk show "UBUNTU" on ICI TV.

To watch previews (French only), click on buttons bellow

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Photo : Zabell



A Teacher and a Dreamer

In 1992, a few months after my graduation in computer programming, I followed a training in andragogy to teach computer science.

Then, after completing a management certificate, I taught entrepreneurship to new entrepreneurs and I also trained plenty of new trainers in the industry of new technologies.

A few years later, I went back to school to learn emotional-rational psychotherapy, and I decided to teach tools to soothe emotional pain and contribute to my, as well as to their personal development.


For several years I have been teaching meditation and I deeply believe that it is the most powerful tool for feeling inner peace and great joy... and for realizing our dreams.

I am still a teacher in entrepreneurship, computer science, communications and well being.  These are all areas I love teaching. ♥

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